"Trust The Vibes, They Don't Lie"

I'm Rae, owner and creator here at Eclectic Vibe! I'm just like any other chick. I work hard, I'm a mom, and a loving partner. I'm a daughter, a sister, an Aunt and a best friend.I love life and draw inspiration from everything I'm able to experience through all of my senses, including the subtle senses. For as long I can remember I've been more fluent in "energy" than any other form of communication. I can speak, I can write, but more importantly I can feeeeeeel and this is what I use to translate with precision accuracy the things that are not being spoken and are not being written. This is typically described as "Intuitive" but for me it just is what it is a label isn't necessary to describe what "JUST IS". This is just who I am. What is Eclectic Vibe? Eclectic Vibe is literally just an extension of me, a tangible expression of my energy, my frequency, my vibration. Eclectic Vibe and the things that I create here allow me to exchange my energy with the world. I create to make you feel what I feel, you feel me? Sure, the items I create are gorgeous but my main goal is ensuring that item that's purchased translates to you the vibration that you're meant to receive, One of the ways I do this is by creating my items using authentic materials such as, genuine gemstones and natural metals, leathers, hemp etc. because all organic materials have an energy signature. I take pride in my craftsmanship. I'll recreate a piece a thousand times if I have to just be sure its curves, it's lines, it's color pallet and even it's silhouette is perfect and I'll know when it is, by the way it's energy feels. Our style here at Eclectic Vibe is quite unique. The foundation of "eclecticness" is being able to draw inspiration from many different sources to create a signature style that's all your own. That's me. That's US! And we have a little something for everyone. Eclectic Vibe encourages you be yourself. If you don't know yourself we encourage you to find yourself. We are advocates of SELF AWARENESS and SELF EXPRESSION! We don't just stop at clothes and jewelry, no no. Eclectic Vibe aims to provide to with a full experience on the journey to self discovery. Therefor we also offer divination through intuitive tarot/oracle reading as well as natal chart reading and interpretation and we sell spiritual and spiritual divination tools such as smudge sticks, incense, intention oils, candles, etc. ...we got you covered I promise.I'm no novice either. I've been an intuitive medium my entire life and I've and actively studied the Tarot for 7 years and been studying the sidereal zodiac system 18 years. So, like I said, I got you covered!As always, your energy is appreciated and valued here at Eclectic Vibe Love, Rae     

( Your Favorite Indigo )